My Horrible Weekend With Umaru

So there I was, waiting for the weekend to come, like most worker bees. This weekend was going to be even more special, as my Umaru petits were coming in! Little did I know that I was in for a bad weekend.

These three little Umarus came into my life in a little package Friday night.

This little piggy liked to sleep.


This little piggy liked to throw tantrums.

Aaaand this little piggy wanted my full attention or else she threatened to delete all my files.



Thankfully, they were tired from the journey and decided to let me sleep that Friday night. Saturday, I went about my usual chores, groceries, etc, etc, and they decided to tag along.

They tagged along for my usual coffee run.

Met some like-minded friends, which wasn’t too bad, until I decided to nab some snacks for a relaxing movie time.

I was pretty sure there was no point in checking if there was any left after I saw this.



They got into my mom’s cookie tin which sadly did not contain sewing kit items, but real cookies.


This one got into my nerds.


And this one decided it was too cold so she stayed in my jacket sleeve the whole time.


This one almost got killed when it got into the potatoes I was paring for my lunch box this week.



I dunno what trouble these little twerps will get themselves into this week, but I guess it was a fun weekend anyway. 🙂



Good night little Umarus! 🙂


New Year’s Reminders For Art and Life.

Okay, so I’m doing this for two things: 1. I shot so many toys in the last few days that you’ll literally be pissed off if I put them all up, and, 2. I hope this New Year’s Reminders helps someone.

  1. Do Hard Things.

I was about to give up on photographing Kashu Kiyomitsu and Kurumi Tokisaki because they simply weren’t my style. I like super cute stuff, and they were a tad bit too serious for me. I really wanted to photograph them, though, so I kept pushing. I had so many shoots with them that just didn’t work, until I happened upon some REALLY GOOD WRAPPING PAPER–yes, that’s the background. And then all the colors just clicked together, and I had a wonderful shoot I could be proud of. 😀 Creativity block? Yeah, you can chill until inspiration comes, but you can also push hard.


2. Learn To Be Happy Alone

Of course I’m thankful for the company of people–but that’s not what I mean. I mean like yourself. When I got my first doll (the one I wanted to photograph, not the one you get as a child) someone very close to me told me to put it away because I looked like a retard. That hurt, and three years later, it still stung. But this makes me happy–and this IS art. How come people get to tote around what makes them happy–a new phone, make up or whatever, and they don’t get called retarded? This is just the same. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said–“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”


3. The Best Photos Tell A Story.

It doesn’t always have to be a face. REPEAT THIS MANTRA WITH ME: There are many more opportunities to show off the really good paint job on the face. Tell a story. 🙂



4. I Am A Really Really Really Good Artist.



Are you an artist? You know how we always spend time hating our work? It’s good for improvement, but not good for morale. You are a really really really really good artist. A really good one. Own it.

5. Have Friends.


This is a personal reminder to me. I’m sure a lot of artists out there have their social life balanced, but between work and art, I let myself have very little time for friends, and this is NOT a good thing.

6. Illegitimi Non Carborundum

Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Be proud of what you like. Don’t let them shame you because you like things they don’t understand.DSC_1287


I guess I’ll just add more of any more come to me. 🙂 Happy New Year, everyone! 😀

U.M.R.! :)

Okay, so I wasn’t able to take photos of my Best Girl for awhile since: 1. I was taking photos of my re-ments and other stuff and, 2. I managed to damage some parts of her, so I had to get new parts.DSC_0634

BUT. BUT. But now that I have her back in full glory, I’m gonna be spamming you with her. 🙂


For a while back too, I was thinking of collecting dolls instead of nendoroids.


I’m still thinking about it–streamlining my collection to Umaru and my Touken Ranbu boys, but I think I might get a nendroid or two from time to time–when Good Smile Company comes up with something as adorable or nearly as adorable as my little girl.DSC_0641

You’ll be seeing more stuffed toys here, though, because simply having Disney/Pixar-themed re-ments aren’t enough for me anymore. :)) I need my Disney/Pixar fix–or I’m having my second childhood. :))


ALSO–LOOOKIE. I made Umaru her Nekoronbusu! 🙂 I’m hoping to make more non-food related polymer clay miniatures, so wish me luck! 😀DSC_0683

Anyway, how’s your toy collection doing? 😀DSC_0644

Nekoronbusu! ❤DSC_0669

Here’s Umaru, refusing to clean up her room.DSC_0385

And here’s Umaru, taking a photo of me. :3DSC_0392

Best Girl is taking after me. :))DSC_0407


I also made some mini snacks that are harder to destroy, compared to simply printing them out. 🙂DSC_0653

Oh, and I decided I didn’t have enough Umarus, so I made Umaru paper children. 🙂DSC_0606DSC_0602I actually have A LOT of Umaru photos. :)) I’ll put up more of them later. 🙂



“Onee-chan–stop working and play with meeeeeee.”

Saving My Tictacs

Story + Photos. 🙂 Just scroll over the words if you don’t want to read the story.

So I was saving my Tictacs because I was running low. I have a thing for peppermint during the holiday season, and the easiest way to stay minty is by keeping these mints close.


As some of you might know, I broke my camera lenses a few months ago, and it took me awhile to pick out a new one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be physically at the store that day, so I just had my boyfriend pick them up for me. It shouldn’t have been as nerve-wrecking as it was for me, but somehow, the lens I decided to get were apparently NOT compatible with my camera.


Now here’s the problem: I had spent weeks researching on what type of lens would be the best for my photography. I bought my camera off my sister so I just used the lens she had and never bothered to change it until I broke them. I’ll be the first to admit that, while my sister gave me a quick crash course on how to use a camera and all the deets–I know little about cameras. I had focused on just getting those lenses and I had no idea what else to get.


Honestly, when I broke my camera, I figured, I’d take my time getting new lens. My whole life was just this: Work/Family/Toys. I decided I’d look up from my camera lens and see what was around. After at least two and a half months–I couldn’t take it, and I had to have my lens that day. I was borderline in tears.


My ever-loving fiance, offered to look around for other lens–even though we both didn’t know a thing about lenses. He and the salesman went through a couple of lenses, shooting a single lego minifigure I had lent him to test the shots, trying to find me lens, while I kinda cried on the phone. :))) Yes, it was a strange day.


*crying ensues*

BOYFIE: Okay, baby, I think we got the right one.


BOYFIE: Yeah, I think we’re good.

ME: *sighs in relief* *moment of silence* OH MY GOD I ATE ALL MY TICTACS!

Apparently, I was so nervous I popped all my tictacs while waiting for them to get the right lens. /:))) Anyway, I’m back, loves. ❤ Hope you don’t mind the weird story.

Welcome Home, Umaru-Chan!


Hello little girl. Wipe your feet and come in. 🙂

Hi guys! It’s been ages since I posted here! I had a little mishap with my camera, and broke my lens, so I’ve had to deal with super crappy photos using my phone. If you wanna take a look at that, you can see my Facebook: or IG: @kill_VILLLLL. ANYYYYWAY. The long wait is over. I finally got my Himouto-Umaru chan! 😀 She comes from a funny series I have yet to watch, but I definitely will watch.

A friend of mine lent me his camera, so beauty shots first, before a review of her. :)))



My little girl thinks she can make coke flavored cupcakes by putting coke into the flour. 🙂

We’ve all had this face. You know that cake isn’t gonna see tomorrow.


I don’t think this cake is going to last very long.


How about you finish that cupcake first, little girl, before asking for more?

I think I love Umaru-chan because she and I share an absurd love for sweets. Although I don’t drink Coke. :)))

_MG_9509 _MG_9519   _MG_9586Can anybody help this little girl reach her candy!? ANYYYBODYYYYY? ;_;_MG_9584

That’s it for now, sadly. Here, Umaru, have a cookie. ❤


By the way, for anyone who’s asking–most of the stuff I used here are re-ments. I also used these photos for the little re-ment shop I started, so yeaaaah. 🙂 I’ll showcase more of my handmade stuff soon! 😀

Last photo: ❤_MG_9580

Me: Um. Umaru-chan, what are you doing?

Umaru: I’m learning how to grow plants.

Me: That’s very nice, but why?

Umaru: So I can grow chocolates.

Playtime Afternoons

I took the girls out for a little fun, and honestly, I’m still not over all the magic my Disney re-ments bring. 🙂


-Neil Gaiman

  “Danboard? Danboard, have you seen Sebastian anywhere?”DSC_0181


“Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table: she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words `EAT ME’ were beautifully marked in currants.” -Danboard in Wonderland.

Check out these cupcakes trying to escape. 🙂DSC_0203

Care for a cuppycake? 😀DSC_0075

Also, snagged one of those Kitkat chairs! 😀DSC_0257The girls seem to be loving it. 😀DSC_0235

Here’s my growing teapot collection. 🙂  DSC_0127

Have fun! Also, don’t forget to checkout my shop right here. 🙂 See you round!


Remember my post yesterday–that I had a bit of free time last night and I was gonna make stuff? HERE THEY AREEEE 😀


And they’re adorbs. ❤


Yeah, I’m kinda being proud of myself right now, but I mean. SO CUTE. Right? 😀DSC_0391

^THIS. Is exactly how I can see my retirement. /:))


Hopefully, I’ll make more tonight. Fingers crossed! 😀 AND OH MY GOD. I might do a tutorial! YAYZORZ!